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If you push the envelope you do something to a greater degree or in a more extreme way than it has been done before we have to keep pushing the envelope trying new technologies and developing better methods theres a valuable place for fashion and design that pushes the envelope a bit.

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He was criticized by some members for speaking out and pushing the envelope on what kind of things canada would need to do if its major trading partner did not obey its agreement.

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Push the envelope with direct mail formats and options designed to attract your customers interest and motivate them to take action canadapostca allez encore plus loin en s233lectionnant des types denvois de publipostage et des options con231us pour susciter lint233r234t de vos clients et les motiver 224 r233agir.

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The pushing the envelope in the south china sea has had the consequence of exactly the reverse consequence of what china would seek to achieve he said.

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The envelopes and some included cards are wonderful and viola really enjoyed them i know it will be fun for her to have them to look at and take to showandtell at her assisted living home they are all scheduled to show up in april but i wanted to let the people who sent mail know how much it.

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That envelope is the description of the upper and lower limits of the various factors that it is safe to fly at that is speed engine power manoeuvrability wind speed altitude etc by pushing the envelope that is testing those limits test pilots were able to determine just how far it was safe to go by 1978 the phrase was in use in print.

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Span classnews_dt28112017spannbsp018332it makes sense right a smaller car is a faster car larry mac explains why this is the case and how teams got away with it before modern day templates came about.

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pushing the envelope comes from a field however where tremendous risk is the whole point its drawn from the lingo of test pilots whose job consists of pushing their aircraft right up to and often beyond the technical specifications and theoretical limits of their craft.

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At pushing the envelope we partner with clients to create resultsoriented awardwinning marketing communication strategies based in fort myers florida we work with companies in a variety of industries from motorsports and attractions to medical and technology both regionally and nationally.

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